My Budget

My Budget┬áis a straight-forward, simple to use tool which helps you to track your expenses and your income. I’ve developed it mainly because I found other budget managers a little bit to complicated, and I was thinking that there are people who don’t need so many features, people who need only some simple tool to track their expenses and income.

There are 3 views:
– a global one, which will show you the total amount of your expenses, the total amount of income and your balance (the difference between income and expenses) and a pie chart with expenses/income grouped by categories;
– an income view and an expense view, which will show you more detailed info – for each category you can see (and edit) details about a specific payment – date, amount and a short description (same goes for income)
For all these 3 views you can chose to see the global data (i.e. total amount of income/spending since you’ve start using My Budget) or monthly data (spending/income only for a specific month).


It is available on Google Play:

Free version
My Budget Free
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Paid version
My Budget
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